Jean-François Caudron

General Manager, Consulting Services at La Cible – Chasseurs de Professionnels, a division of Premium Ressources Humaines Inc.

Responsible for the management and business development of La Cible since its creation in May 2019, Jean-François is also responsible for ensuring the execution of all the mandates entrusted by their many clients. Mr. Caudron and his team have secured a list of important clients in addition to having completed several mandates in the field of construction, real estate, finance, business intelligence, law, manufacturer, NPOs and others.

From 2012 to 2019, Jean-François was one of the most influential managers at Canlan Ice Sports, for the province of Quebec. Canlan Ice Sports is a company with more than one thousand four hundred employees, including nearly one hundred in Quebec. As General Manager, he was responsible for all functions of the organization and ensured that the strategic directions and priorities of the corporation were executed and respected. His experience includes sales and marketing, human resources, operations, and programming. He has created several programs in the recreation sector that have helped Canlan stand out for its innovation and diversification of services and products. Results-oriented, Jean-François is an influential leader who has built a solid team and delivered several important mandates. His ability to detect and develop each individual makes him an expert in discovering the future talents of tomorrow.

Caudron is a graduate of the University of Vermont in Economics, with a concentration in Business Administration and a specialization in Finance. He also played four years on the university’s NCAA Division 1 hockey team, the Catamounts.

After graduation, he went on to play eleven years of professional hockey, including eight years in Europe. He captained his team for five seasons. All these experiences outside of the country have allowed him to make many important connections across the continents.

Father of two children (Mia and Antoine), Jean-François is involved with his youngest as a hockey coach. He is also proactive with several foundations that are close to his heart, including the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

Cell : 514 772-6757